4 Things Your Social Media Manager Wants You To Know



There are many hats your resident social media manager wears in the office or when telecommuting. Here are a few things he/she probably want you to know.

Social media is not a bulletin board. This is one of the top issues social media managers deal with when representing an organization. Your social media manager is the gatekeeper to the company’s brand online. Many times, people encourage promoting events and programs on social media by “just posting about it.” It’s much deeper than that. We deal with analytics, current trends and we know the audience. We know what they like. We know what to talk about, but just as important, we know what not to talk about. To get through this I always ask, “What are your goals? Who are you trying to reach? What is your deadline?” Try answering these in the best way possible before you approach your social media manager.

Social media may not be the best option to meet your needs. If you have an event that is only for a specialized group, such as nurses over the age 50, it may be best to reach out to local organizations or utilize past contacts. Many events I promote rely heavily on people that have RSVP’d to prior events. Those people are more likely to attend future events. Conversion can be very low when primarily focusing on social media promotion–targeting a specific group. It’s hard to encourage people to RSVP to an event online when social media managers mostly target by geographics, demographics and interests. Even after targeting, it’s no sure thing that your event or post will be seen due to Facebook’s algorithm. It’s best to consider offline promotion in this case to reach this specialized group or a simple e-blast utilizing email marketing services like Mailchimp or Constant Contact. Keep this in mind. Social media is to uplift, it cannot always be the primary platform to promote your event or cause.

Send your best image or consult with the graphic designer before sending materials for posting on your company page. One of my greatest skills is my eye for design. Social media managers will receive graphics that look like WordArt circa. 1996 but are expected to post it to the company page. A bad image affects the overall look of a social media profile. It’s like putting newspaper on the windows of a mansion. It brings down the clean look that’s been built daily. We often utilize design resources to create great, simple images. Plan with a designer or give your social media manager time to create a simple image that will better promote your cause. You can also send a high quality stock image by doing a google image search by doing this:

  1. Search your item
  2. Click on Images
  3. Click on the best photo
  4. Click on View Image
  5. Right Click to save the image

Important: Copy and paste the link where you found the image in your email. It may be under copyright.

This ensures a higher quality image.

Social media managers have a strategy and content calendar. Most have this. They may not share it because all events aren’t for everyone’s eyes. Also, if you’re a part of an organization that stays current, depending on the news cycle, your post about the latest sale, an event or telling people to subscribe may not be best. A strategy for a week could focus on increasing engagement by 20% and/or targeting a certain demographic. The content calendar helps to organize this strategy and keep the manager from not missing important dates. This calendar could also include social media copy for each post. I look at social media like I do programming, something I learned in television, “stacking” a news program. Would you discuss a terrible disease outbreak and a shooting, then discuss a fundraiser for a puppy? No. You would schedule the fluff toward the end of the news show (after a commercial break). Throwing in random items could ruin the strategy for the week and the entire flow of the day or even the entire week. See #1.

Hopefully, these tips will assist your social media manager with pushing your event or promoting your item of sale. It may even help ease tension with your company’s digital manager.