January 13, 2022

How Can We Help?

MARKETING/PROMOTIONS: Email marketing campaigns, branding/logo creation, social media campaigns, internet advertising, and field marketing.

INTERACTIVE MEDIA: Social media content creation (interviews, promotional videos, blogging), music video consultation.

PUBLIC RELATIONS: Press release creation and distribution, web development, securing press in print, TV, radio, and online, spokesperson for the brand.

Social media is not a bulletin board. Every piece of content should complement an established online voice and goal.

– Brian McCoy


MBGospel (2)

B. McCoy Productions is the administrator of two niche entertainment websites, MyHoustonGOSPEL.com & MyBirminghamGOSPEL.com. They feature exclusive content from artists in their respective areas. Both of these sites provide advertising opportunities within artists’ and companies’ budgets.