Web Spy at Work

You Are Being Watched–Stay Off The Internet At Work

There I was, a fresh-faced, newly graduated worker at one of the largest insurance companies in the country. I was finally able to wear a dress shirt and tie, something I wanted to do since graduating from college. Within the first six months, I made a huge mistake–unknowingly. Facebook was still new, I was one Read more about You Are Being Watched–Stay Off The Internet At Work[…]

NAACP: #BornSuspect Campaign Launched, Project Managed

I had the opportunity to manage the production of this campaign video against racial profiling with Truxton Creative in Washington, DC. The shoot was held at the historic Thurgood Marshall Center YMCA gymnasium, Sept. 2014. People from all backgrounds and ethnicities took part in the production, taking a full day to get this 1:50 minute Read more about NAACP: #BornSuspect Campaign Launched, Project Managed[…]