NLADA: #AStandforRacialEquity – An Organic Campaign



The National Legal Aid & Defender Association (NLADA) is America’s oldest and largest nonprofit association devoted to excellence in the delivery of legal services to those who cannot afford counsel. They provide advocacy, guidance, information, training and technical assistance for members of the equal justice community, especially those working in public defense and civil legal aid ( Their new campaign was initiated to launch the Racial Justice Initiative. The focus of this social media effort was to build awareness, but also kick off a long-term fundraising campaign.

The details: 

The client proposed a social media campaign that would be executed for 30 days, primarily across Facebook and Instagram, with engagement on Twitter. Two goals for digital media was to obtain viewership of campaign video and build fundraising awareness. A main challenge with the campaign was that it had to be executed entirely organically due to the organization’s new adoption of Facebook advertising rules that changed prior to this campaign request, causing the strategy to be changed. That was no problem. Social media is about joining the conversation anyway. To work around this challenge, we devised a few tactics that would break through the noise with partners and possibly engage a new audience. The organization could also utilize the assets for a paid campaign at a later date. 


  1. Countdown videos were posted throughout the week, with imagery from the campaign videos.
    NLADA - BMcCoy Productions - Countdown

  2. Graphics with information of why the initiative were important. They were amplified with the campaign hashtags #AStandforRacialEquity #RacialEquity across social media channels.
    NLADA - BMcCoy Productions - Graphics

  3. Tiktok/meme videos were posted weekly on Facebook and Instagram to inform the audience about why the initiative was important using the culturally relevant song for their target audience, Before I Let Go.
    NLADA - BMcCoy Productions - TikTok meme videos

  4. A facebook event and promotional posts were created utilizing campaign event speakers’ social media content for two weeks before the event.
    NLADA - BMcCoy Productions - Event posts

  5. Videos that linked to a call to action were published across social media channels. They were edited into individual segments that highlighted each speaker’s call to action.
    NLADA - BMcCoy Productions - Campaign video promotion

Results overview:

The campaign was held over a 45-day period with a one-week extension to allow time for the client’s campaign adjustment in messaging. There were 11 posts on Facebook, 14 on Twitter and 20 published on Instagram. Reels were the best performing group out of all other publishing options on Instagram. This is a tactic that can take advantage of music that features on the song’s Instagram feed. At least 4,000 organic impressions were made on the posts for the Instagram account that had 400 followers at the start of the campaign. With a much-needed ad spend for Instagram reels, the return would return even more engagement as Instagram prioritizes this channel. This execution was the perfect example of using content that you have so that you can move forward while under tight deadlines.